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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Military Service & Blog Updates

Iran has a mandatory military service for men which starts at the age of 18. Duration of military service is dependent on some conditions and circumstances. There is an 20 month military service for general, 18 months for destitute areas and 16 months for boundary areas, there is two months for military education. There are exceptions for those who cannot serve because of physical or mental health problems or disabilities. Students are exempt as long as they are attending school.

The higher the education of a man, the higher his rank will be in the military service. Since 2008 and the commence of Iran's national elites organization activity, students who are accepted as members of this organization (because of their special achievements, e.g. national and international olympiad medals and winners of invention competitions) can have a "scientific research" substitution instead of mandatory military service, and the research grant is given to these members from military universities, otherwise, formally these members are regarded as "soldiers" who are spending the mandatory military service program, and in any publication related to that research, their citation have to be that of the military university giving the research grant.

Men reaching 18 years old who are not granted exemption from the military service are not able to apply for a driving license, passport, or leave the country without special permission.

As you may know, currently I'm living in Iran I must go to Military Service and serve the country (if I like it or not).

More Information:

Only the first two months (for military education) will goes hard, after that it will be easy for me due to I have university degree! Therefore I cannot guarantee that I will be able to continue to post for a number of weeks.  I will do my best to resume posting as quickly as I can.

So, for few weeks (maybe months) I am unable to update the blog as usual, I hope you understand and excuse me for that! Stay tuned. Thank you all. :)

Share with us if your country has mandatory military service, whats it look like in your country?

Countries with mandatory military service
- Armenia
- Austria
- Belarus
- Bermuda
- Brazil
- Burma (Myanmar)
- Colombia
- Cyprus
- Denmark
- Egypt
- Finland
- Greece
- Conscientious objection to military service (Greece)
- Iran
- Israel
- South Korea
- Mexico
- Norway
- Russia
- Singapore
- Switzerland
- Taiwan (ROC)
- Turkey
- Ukraine

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